For the matter of filling the stomach, the choice is not only local dishes. To enjoy a different dining experience, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying authentic dishes from other countries, Japanese cuisine, for example.

The culinary industry is already very developed. It’s no longer a difficult thing to be able to enjoy dishes from various countries. If you are in Senopati area and are trying to taste delicious Japanese specialties, here are some japanese restaurant in Senopati that you can visit:



Located at Senopati Street No.42, Yellowfin is a suitable place to dine with family and colleagues. This Japanese restaurant provides a private room and no smoking area.

Guests who come will be welcomed by Japanese-style nuances and treated to an authentic Japanese food menu. Some menus that can be enjoyed starting from steam mushroom and Wagyu don and salmon mentai sushi. Interestingly, you can also enjoy entertainment in the form of live music. Be sure to make a reservation in advance to ensure availability and for your convenience while in this restaurant.

Okuzono Japanese Dining


Okuzono is located at Suryo Street No.1, South Jakarta. This restaurant is authentic Japanese Resto from Japan, precisely from Okinawa. This place is always crowded by visitors. Guests who come will get the best experience, not only through food but also from the interior of the restaurant that makes you feel truly in Japan.

At the entrance there is a small garden with bamboo decorations that remind us of Japan. There is also a tatami room with a Zen garden in the middle. In the outdoor section there are many relaxing places in Japanese houses. Visitors can take pictures in this Instagrammable area. Because it’s always crowded with visitors, you should make a reservation first.

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Hiro Senopati Sushi


The next Japanese restaurant in Senopati area is Sushi Hiro which is located at Suryo Street No.24. Here you can enjoy a complete menu ranging from sushi, sashimi, temaki, ramen, udon, and more. In addition to providing a diverse menu, the prices offered are also quite affordable.

This restaurant carries an interesting and very Instagrammable interior design concept. On the ceiling is filled with white knick-knacks that give the impression of light in the room.

Not only does it provide heavy meals, you can also order a variety of Japanese snack menus. Because the chef who process cuisine come from Japan, visitors will be treated to a menu of foods that taste very authentic.

If you happen to come but enter the waiting list, there is no need to worry because here there is a waiting area that is no less comfortable, with the zen garden concept. Sushi Hiro Senopati is also often a place to celebrate birthdays or office casual events.

3 Wise Monkeys


3 Wise Monkeys is located at Jl. Suryo No.26. This Japanese restaurant is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy Japanese dishes all you can eat. Visitors can enjoy dishes to their satisfaction, ranging from sushi, sashimi, to ramen. The menu that becomes available in this place is Kaiseki Set and various Sake.

This restaurant which consists of two floors carries the concept of open space. On the first floor is a non-smoking area equipped with a sushi bar. On the 2nd floor there is a smoking area equipped with sake bar.

Like most Japanese restaurants, 3 Wise Monkeys also uses Japanese-style interiors. Interestingly, the interior in this restaurant combines modern and traditional elements. With the dominance of white, black and brown, it creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere for visitors. The menu choices are quite varied, ranging from soups, salads, appetizers, fried, mini donburi, grilled, noodle, sashimi, roll, to dessert.

Is it interesting to choose a Japanese restaurant in Senopati? Well, what are you waiting for? Just go to Senopati and visit the Japanese restaurant that you like!

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