Kid’s Pool

No need to worry about your kids. Residence 8 Senopati also have kids’ pool separated from adult pool.


If you’re too busy to workout, you can try to exercise in the night or weekend at the fitness center. The fitness center in Residence 8 Senopati has many exercise machines for the resident.

Swimming Pool

Residence 8 Senopati provides olympic size swimming pool for the resident. You will be very satisfied with the pool.

Library Room

Library or reading room is a rare facility in apartments. Luckily, Residence 8 Senopati provides a library for the residents. You can enjoy your book or looking for other books here.

Jogging Track

Bored with running on the treadmill? Residence 8 Senopati also have an outdoor jogging track.

Outdoor Playground

If you’re a young family with kids, of course your child safety is the biggest concern. In Residence 8 Senopati, you can find a kid’s playground near the swimming pool. In this area, your children can play safely and interact with other kids.

Indoor Children Playground

Rainy season but your children crave for playing? You can find indoor playground inside Residence 8 Senopati.


Feel stifled about Jakarta’s air quality? In Residence 8 Senopati you will find a garden filled with lush green trees. Suitable for you, relaxing while breath in the fresh air.

Grocery Store

Now, you will no longer throw away your precious time because In Residence 8 Senopati you can buy all daily necessities in Jason’s Supermarket @ Residence 8.

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